Yonggang Pills eople, what animal are we most afraid of We use the exclusion method and exclude them Yonggang Pills one by one.We are more afraid of harming large animals, or is it harmful Then mosquitoes are eliminated.Are we more afraid of carnivores, or are we more afraid of herbivores Yonggang Pills Obviously, elephants are excluded, while hippos are omnivores, but mainly grass, they only eat meat if the grass is missing.We are more afraid of big animals that are easy to be Yonggang Pills found, or animals that are more afraid of being easily found Then, lions, tigers and wolves are also eliminated.We are more afraid of being easy to deal with, or is it not easy to deal with The poisonous insects are obviously terrible, but we only need a straw shoe to shoot Yonggang Pills it and it will be excluded.They eat meat, are not easy to find, Yonggang Pills and, in the absence of tools, are not easy to deal with.This fear of the snake has been passed down from generation to generation, so even if the current Terran does not feel the danger of the snake personally, it still hates the snake most.This instinct also allows us to inherit, so we

humans instinctively want to punish criminals. I want to think about this truth, let s think about it, then what kind of ethnic group is not good I listed many ethnic groups or countries in Political History, and the types of the two countries are particularly obvious. However, when the Vikings completed their original accumulation by means of bloody means and Yonggang Pills gained great power, the gift that keeps on giving male enhancement their lives became rich. They found that they no longer had to sell xynafil male enhancement pills slaves, Yonggang Pills robbed merchant ships, extorted extortion. If you can survive, then, in order to stabilize the ethnic group, they must Yonggang Pills make laws, and they must stop the previous robbers. The second country, which is a branch of the bandit group, we call Yonggang Pills them exile. These people have committed male enhancement pills that increase size various the doctors show male enhancement report crimes and have been exiled to Austria by their ancestors. Then, in order to allow themselves Yonggang Pills to occupy the state, they will unite the country. People, the inhumane Yonggang Pills slaughter of the aborigines of Austria, finally won the dominion review of red mamba triple max male sexual enhancement pills of the big island. Like the Vikings, after they complete the primitive accumulation of blood, Yonggang Pills t

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hey must also maintain Yonggang Pills the stability of the ethnic group, and also make laws, and inevitably The Yonggang Pills means of forbidding brutality.Chapter 2542 Robber Law So, what is the difference between the laws of the bandit community and the laws of the good people The Terran has the instinct to be afraid of snakes.The human race with high moral standards instinctively believes that it is a good Yonggang Pills person to punish criminals.Then, this sinful Viking descendant, their instinct thinks that they are kind people The party stopped and scanned the audience.Fang Yun nodded and said Yes, they instinctively think that they may commit crimes like their ancestors.Then, this instinct is actually against morality, and they have left Yonggang Pills Yonggang Pills the cruel and brutal society and want to become People with high moral standards do not want to violate morality.How Yonggang Pills do they protect themselves morally I will not directly say that you can Yonggang Pills think about each other and discuss each other.The crowd immediately began to talk, and the entire venue suddenly became messy.However, some of the legal family me

mbers have not said a word, Yonggang Pills they have been watching from the cold, and they have not concealed their resistance. After Yonggang Pills a long time, Fang Yun indicated that penise enlargement everyone quickly stopped talking. First, they put all Yonggang Pills the humans on the scorpion and preach that everyone is guilty. Everyone comes born black ball in chinese male enhancement with sin and thinks that Yonggang Pills this life, It is the process of redemption. You see, they insist that everyone is the same, then they can face it calmly, this is not their own fault, nor the fault of Yonggang Pills the ancestors, the fault of the whole people. Since the whole p enlargement family has it, then You don t have to doubt that you have top ten natural male enhancement pills a problem with your morality. If you didn t listen to what I said before, I Yonggang Pills just heard that best penis enlargement system a group even preached that everyone was guilty and took the original sin, so it would be strange and impossible. Because we are Chinese, there is never a concept of original sin, because we think that we are either good Yonggang Pills or blank before we are born. However, some of the family members were embarrassed, and the Meng family suddenly showed a weird smile. I hope that you wi