Penus Pills collude.Reminiscent of Jiang Hechuan was Penus Pills transferred to the mountain by Fang Yun, and Penus Pills sent to the Holy Court.What does this mean Almost all officials have reached the same conclusion.The party must fight against dissidents and be independent Jingguo will be chaotic Jing Jun was Penus Pills panicked at the time.Through the curtains, he looked at the front and looked at it for a while before turning his head to look at the Queen Mother.After ten interest rates, Jing Jun Penus Pills slowly said Fang Aiqing please speak.Even after being underage and experiencing so many things, Jing Jun instinctively realized that Fang Yun had to make waves.Fang Yunzheng said Li Wenying is a member of Dai Hongcheng, who is guilty of murder, and only loses money.Li Wenying Penus Pills does not ask, he is Penus Pills not strict, sin One of them Everyone has an incomprehensible expression.Two years ago, Li Jiajia had conflict with the people and caused injuries.Later, Li Wenying was offended, and Li Wenying s wife was also informed.Before Li Wenying went to the ancient land to practice, he should be able to predict that the barbarian had acted against my country, but Penus Pills he insisted on

his own way, and it was difficult to ignore the country and went to the ancient places to take refuge. As a result, when I was Penus Pills facing a big enemy, the army Lack of people, the war is difficult, if the non existence is to turn the how long does it take for black rhino male enhancement pill to take effect tide, Jingguo has lost half of the country The sin Penus Pills of the supplement for sex drive four, conniving traitors. The thief Liushan was a disaster for many years, Li Wenying as a university sergeant, actually failed to Penus Pills rate the same group and attacked, resulting in the Liu party sitting big, almost let Jingguo fall apart. Four sins superimposed, the pro z max male enhancement minister asked the king to deprive Li mv7 pills Wenying s official position, only to Penus Pills retain the title, issued two years in the two mountains, to fight against crime, redeem the merits Chapter 2419 Luo Zhizhi At first, I heard that Fang Yun had to participate in Li Wenying, and everyone thought best male enhancement pills you can taking with alcohol while it Penus Pills was Penus Pills a particularly big crime. However, after listening to the four articles Penus Pills listed in the tributary, the silence in the Golden Temple is exceptional. Zhang Ruoyue, Penus Pills who is preparing for the big squad, is also like a deflated ball, and the two eyes thieves sway. The four crimes, the first two are barely

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Penus Pills under the rule of Li Wenying, but the latter two are too far fetched.What kind of strategy was wrong, Li Wenying left the Holy Land on the mainland very early, how could such a thing not be involved with him.As for saying that there is no siege of the left side, Li Wenying has been fighting for it.It is only the same as the officials who are afraid that his means are fierce, and he will be transferred to Jiangzhou to avoid troubles.If it is only these four crimes, it is Penus Pills impossible to defeat Li Wenying.Even if the first two certificates are like mountains, it is at Penus Pills most a fine.The Fair is so stupid to attack Li Wenying with this kind of thing Penus Pills that doesn t hurt No one thinks that Fang Yun is a fool.The public officials began to ponder the fourth blame that Fang Yun said.Then, from another angle, since Li Wenying did not fight with the former left wing party, would it fight with the new left wing party that is now in the hands of the Chinese Games All the officials are deeply pondered.What makes the officials think about it, as well as the penalty given by Fang Yun, exiles the two mountains.If it Penus Pills is exiled elsewhere

philadelphia male enhancement pills , Fang Yun is afraid to really vigrx plus pills rectify Li pxl male enhancement amazon Wenying, but if Li Wenying 7 ingredients male enhancement pills goes to the two mountains, he Penus Pills is Penus Pills simply like a duck. Because long ago, Li Wenying wanted Penus Pills to guard the two mountains, but he was finally persuaded by the best supplements to increase sperm count Queen Mother and Li Wenying because Penus Pills Li Wenying was too important for Jing Guo. Once he left, the Jingguo royal family at that time was equal to an arm. It can even be said that the power of the Liu Party in Penus Pills that year has not been much developed in Jiangzhou. In addition to the fact Penus Pills that the Ying Yang Army has Penus Pills been unable to intervene in military affairs, Li Wenying has the grea